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Titles, Experience, Expertise since 2000

  • State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine: Faculty of Medicine of Paris XII
  • Capacity of Emergency Medicine : Faculty of Medicine of Paris XII
  • Registered with the Order of Physicians : Numero 94/14959
  • Emergency Physician: Roissy CDG Airport Emergency Medical Service since 2000
  • Former Hospital Practitioner at the SAMU : Mobile Service of Emergency and Resuscitation, Hospital Beaujon, SAMU 92 / Mobile Service of Emergency and Resuscitation, Hospital of Corbeil, SAMU 91
  • Creation and organization at its origin of the Medical House of the Hôpital Privé Marne la Vallée
  • Doctor up to date with his Continuous Personal Development
  • Graduate of the National College of Aesthetic Medicine: Paris
  • Graduate of the International College of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Graduate of the DIU Obesity and Aging : René Descartes Faculty of Medicine - Paris V - Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.
  • Certificates of Applied Anatomy for the aesthetic use of botulinum toxin and dermal and hypodermic facial implants / Faculty of Medicine René Descartes - Paris V
  • Master Intensive Practice in Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine: Faculty of Medicine of Morelos Mexico
  • APTOS tensor thread training: Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Physician Trainer in Companionship
  • Continuing Medical Education and Participation in Congresses of Aesthetic Medicine: AWMC, IMCAS, AMIFORM…
Horaires du secrétariat

Monday – Friday : 9h00 – 20h00
Saturday : 9h00 – 12h00
Sunday : Fermé

Excellent doctor doesn't push for consumption and gives an objective and honest opinion even if it is not necessarily in the patient's direction. I recommend him 100%. Thanks to him.

Hanan Touati

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