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A gentle peel to improve skin texture

The mild alfa-hydroxy acid (AHA) peels are superficial peels that act at the epidermal and superficial dermal level. It is a cosmetic and aesthetic procedure that superficially abrades the epidermis and superficial dermis and improves their surface.

They have a soft action which consists in making the grain of skin more homogeneous, more regular, tighten and clean the pores of the skin, blur certain superficial pigmentary deposits.


A treatment adapted to your skin and your expectations.

The AHA peel provides a temporary glow to the skin that can be sought on a one-time basis or maintained by repeating the procedure regularly.

The frequency of treatments varies according to the condition of the skin and the desired effect. The interval between sessions can be 10 days at the beginning of the treatment or several months for maintenance.

The AHA peel can be combined with a skin revitalization mesotherapy treatment, to potentiate the result of both techniques.

The treatment

The session lasts about 15 minutes. It includes a cleaning of the skin with a specific solution, the application of the acid solution for a controlled period of a few minutes, the neutralization of the effect with a basic solution or water.

Eyes should remain closed until rinsing is complete to prevent accidental exposure of the cornea to acids.

During the peel, the only discomfort is a slight burning sensation and tingling of the face for a few minutes.


Additional Information

Immediate Suites

A slight erythema (redness) may persist for a few hours. It disappears spontaneously. This treatment does not require a work stoppage and patients can resume their activities immediately.


Contraindications are herpes outbreak, skin infections, excoriations or other inflammatory skin lesions (recent scars), photosensitizing drugs, tanning inducers and treatment with ISOTRETINOIN in progress or less than 6 months old.

The medications and cosmetics usually used should be specified to the doctor. This procedure does not usually require time off work.


Mechanical exfoliation of the skin should not be performed in the 15 days preceding the peel. As after any peel, sun exposure is forbidden for the following month, sun protection with a total screen should be provided for the following weeks and UV rays in cabins should be avoided at the risk of pigmentary rebound (formation of spots or pigmentary deposits). In case of superficial burns (lack of rinsing, delicate skin), sun protection must be absolutely avoided. Translated with (free version)

Undesirable Side Effects

Apart from skin allergy, which is unpredictable with peeling products or aftercare cream, the potential side effects are burns, most often superficial (erythema, scabs). Rarely, an accidental burn requires healing care. Infection is theoretically possible.

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